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Arwood Waste Oceanway, Florida 904-751-5656 OCEANWAY — For nearly one-quarter century, Arwood Waste and Demolition has played an integral part in the development and growth of North Florida. Arwood is the largest locally owned waste management company in the region and has been assisting customers with their full-service waste removal and demolition needs since 1984. The firm services customers from Brunswick to Palm Coast and as far west as Lake City and has more than 40 employees working in its different divisions. The firm offers customers a wide array of waste management and demolition equipment and services, including front-load, hook-lift and rolloff dumpsters, curbside waste removal service, asbestos removal, concrete cutting and breaking, structure demolition, land clearing and grating, street sweeping and portable toilet rentals. “I love it. I enjoy everything about this business. Every day brings new challenges,” says North Jacksonville native John Arwood. “The customer tells us what they want done and we do it. It’s as simple as that.” A father-son team started Arwood when the elder sought to fill a need of removing excess scrap metal from the manufacturing and industrial plants where he worked as a foreman Over time, the company branched out into other ventures relating to site clean-up, like waste management. Now it delivers dumpsters and schedules waste removal for residential, commercial and civic customers. Waste management removal is vital for both residential and commercial customers. Arwood supplies dumpsters and periodic pick-up for everything from the residential home remodel cleanup to restaurants and salons. “I have used Arwood for about the last 15 years for both demo work and dumpster supply,” says general contractor Mike Metters. “That’s a long time in this industry, but I use them because they’re reliable and they do good work.” North Jax company plays key role in regional development The relationship with a waste management company and its customers requires precise coordination. Jason Green works in the tile industry and uses Arwood’s dumpster delivery and removal services because he says they are reliable. “I have done work with Arwood for about eight years and I am satisfied with them. In my line of work, with my tight schedules and deadlines, I need to know I can count on someone. My projects take me all over the area and I tell my customers when something will be done and it has to be. I have to have it now and he has to jump and run. Arwood does that for me and that’s why I continue to use them and recommend them all the time.” As the region continues to grow, there is an increase in the need of demolition and land-clearing services, and Arwood’s demolition crews have been called into use for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The company will take down structures, sort and recycle the debris and clear up the site for its customers. “John Arwood and his company do an excellent job and I am pleased with their work,” says Tyler Loehnert, Director of Real Property for Duval County Public Schools. “They do demolition work for various School Board-related projects. They are always responsive to my requests of finishing the project quickly and they are accommodating of my schedule.” While many demolition companies in the area can take down structures that are one or two stories tall, Arwood says his company can demolish those types of construction and taller buildings. “We’re the only local, licensed, demolition contractor to do three-stories and above. We can take down buildings and bridges.” Whether a structure is razed and the land needs digging for electrical and water lines and grading, or an overgrown area needs clearing, Arwood is wellsuited to help the customer’s needs. “We will work with clients and do what they want. It can be anything from clearing an overgrown yard to clearing 100- plus acres. When we take down trees, we won’t just dispose of them. We will take the wood and separate it into hardwoods and pulp and will sell it to wood brokers and mills.” A significant amount of construction and demolition debris can be recycled material, depending upon its composition. Mr. Arwood says his crews salvage anything of value, whether the material is discarded during the construction of new homes and buildings, or the materials left after the structure’s demolition. “Recycling is better for the environment since it keeps additional waste out of landfills. We recycle what we can, and we have been recycling since day one of the business. The plastic gets ground down to make other plastic products. The paper gets recycled and saves trees.” Not only does the company recycle from landclearing and demolition projects, Arwood also purchases scrap metal from the public at its office. “We are the only place on the Northside who buys scrap aluminum, copper, car batteries and brass,” says Mr. Arwood. “We buy all forms of it from the public and other businesses. We average about 40,000 pounds of scrap material per month.” Mr. Arwood says that scrap material is not to be confused with waste. In fact, scrap has monetary value. More than 145 million tons of scrap material is recycled each year and that benefits both the environment and the economy. Reusing waste materials from trash, construction or demolition projects not only keeps millions of pounds of material out of landfills and incinerators on an annual basis, but it also cuts air pollution and saves energy. Additionally, collecting or reusing recycled materials finds new markets for materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, and by exploring new ways to reduce waste, our recycling industry stimulates economic development and drives real job creation. Arwood is an American-Indian owned company and meets the eligibility requirements of the State of Florida to be recognized as a Certified Minority Business Enterprise. The firm also holds designations as a Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business, a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and a Florida Green Building Coalition member. These certificates enable the company to bid on certain local and state projects. Arwood Waste and Demolition is located at 1004 Eastport Road and its telephone
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