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Hi and thankyou for looking at my user profile, my name is Arun but my friends call me Blister, I am proud to be a sash window specialist from Prestwick, UK. My passions are cross-stitch, swimming and fencing. I went to school in Lichfield and I graduated from Northumbria University. I have a brother Shiloh and three sisters, I've a pet horse called Dixie. I run a sash window agency and like to help home-owners with their home improvement projects

If you wish to get sash windows installed in your home, or you've already got sash windows and need to get them repaired or replaced, you'll need to locate a seasoned craftsman nearby who can accomplish this task for you. It's no good bringing in a handyman oo "jack of all trades" for this kind of work, since sash windows have to be fitted correctly if they're to give you good service for many years to come. This is the case whether you're installing Victorian sash windows, wood sash windows, Georgian sash windows or uPVC sash windows, and you need to make certain the type of sash windows you choose complements the design of your home.

Sash windows are commonly constructed in your local joinery shop or window factory and can thus be custom made to fit your window openings, as you'll rarely find ready-made sash windows that will precisely match your requirements. If you pay a visit to our brand new sash window website you'll discover a great deal of information concerning sash windows and sash window installation and you will be able to do a search for a decent sash window installer in your local community. Any person you decide to hire should be thoroughly checked out for excellence. Examine online reviews and get some references wherever possible, so that you can be sure that they will do a decent job and not con you or rip you off with poor quality sashes.

Where it is feasible you should ask friends and family for recommendations of local sash window specialists in the area, seeing as word or mouth referrals are the best type of personal recommendation and if a person you know has had sash window installation work executed, and been thrilled with the end result, there's certainly a good likelihood that the sash window experts concerned will do an excellent job for you as well.

When it comes to choosing sash windows, there will be several things to consider, and not merely the design of window you need. Today's sash windows can be found in a range of different materials, each having their own pluses and minuses. The first sash windows were made from timber, however these days you can also purchase sash windows in UPVC, aluminium and plastic, though many homeowners prefer the timeless hardwood ones.

A sash window or hung sash window is made from one or several movable panels, or "sashes". Traditionally the individual panels are paned windows, however they can now incorporate an independent piece of glass. The longest existing examples of these windows date from England in the late 17th century. The actual invention of sash windows is often attributed, without definitive proof, to the English architect and scientist Robert Hooke. Other individuals see the sash window as a Dutch invention. The conclusion is that it's impossible to ascertain the precise inventor. Sash windows are typically seen in Georgian and Victorian buildings, and the traditional layout has 3 panes across by 2 up on each of the two sash panels, providing a 6 over 6 panelled unit, however this is by no means a set rule of thumb. Numerous late Victorian and Edwardian suburban houses were built using sash windows of approximately four feet in width, however older style, bespoke windows could be of virtually any size.

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