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Age Care: Reputable Retirement and Nursing Home

AgeCare is a dedicated, compassionate and trusted senior homes community where you can get the peace of that your seniors are well-taken care of. We ensure that we are making a lively community where aging is a phase in life worth celebrating with dignity and independence. We offer our retirement and nursing home with pride and confidence. We make sure that our residents are safe and secure and feel-at-home where both the tenants and their families can relax and can have their minds at peace. Our AgeCare communities are special places where residents get to experience warmth and friendliness from the staff, welcoming facilities, professional care, and enjoyable dining experiences. You can be sure overall experience is enjoyable.

Furthermore, we guarantee that every individual in our care is recognized, celebrated and valued for themselves through our community atmosphere. We believe that reaching the age of being a senior shouldn't affect anything in a person's life. Through our community, they will be able to continue their friendships and relationships inside and outside our establishment. We provide various events and programs such as KidsU where we promote a developing bond between elders and children. We also invite various expert speakers for seniors to discuss important topics regarding health, well-being, and more. If you are worried and wanted to take care of your seniors, we are here for you to lend a hand. Call us at (403) 873-3200, visit us at 19655 Walden Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T2X 0N7 or email us at

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