"Waste Watchers" New Provider in Savannah, Georgia

Monday, 27 June 2011 03:46 by admin

Our newest provider "Waste Watchers" has been added to the Savannah service area. WasteWatchers proivde affordable Savannah dumpster rentals and back it with great customer care. The WasteWatchers founding partners have over 50 years of experience working in waste management. When it comes to the business of waste disposal, they know the industry from inside out. From driving trucks to managing fleets, they have done it all. They have first-hand knowledge of how to deliver outstanding waste management services to every single client. We are excited that Waste Watchers has joined the DDS family of providers. 


Give them a call today at: 912-303-8072 

Visit their page to get started with WasteWatchers:http://www.discountdumpstershop.com/waste_removal_services_savannah_georgia.aspx